We understand and appreciate the concerns surrounding the cost of health care and how it gets paid for. At Lodge of the Wabash, we’ll review with you how the billing and payment process will work prior to your admission. For now, we’ve included a brief overview of the various pay source options available to people depending on eligibility.

Medicare Part A – Federally funded and managed program that covers many qualifying short-term stays in skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities.  Click here for Medicare’s coverage guidelines.

Medicaid – Federal and state-funded program. Also known as Medical Assistance, this entitlement program has asset and income eligibility rules that vary state by state. Its primary purpose is to fund long-term care stays as deemed necessary by your physician in various settings such as a nursing home. Indiana offers traditional state Medicaid plans as well as Managed Care Medicaid Plans run through private insurance companies. There are specific ways individuals qualify.  For general information, click here. For information on applying for Medicaid, click here.

Indiana Long Term Care Partnership Program – The Indiana Long Term Care Insurance Program is a partnership between State government and private insurance companies that was introduced in 1993. Often called a Long Term Care Insurance plan, these products protect your assets through more favorable Medicaid eligibility rules. These plans are typically already in place prior to the need for nursing home admission.  For more information, click here.

Insurance – Insurance can play different roles in helping you pay for costs of short or long-term care. Primarily, it is broken down into two types: Medicare Advantage Plans and long-term care insurance. Medicare Advantage Plans replace traditional Medicare Part A if selected by the consumer. Click here for more information on Medicare Advantage Plans. Long-term care insurance policies vary by company and structure, but serve as a means to pay for your long-term care needs privately. Generally speaking, the more costly the premiums, the better the monthly benefit amount will be, as well as how long the benefit will last. Click here for further information on long-term care insurance.

Private Pay – Absent coverage by any of the above methods of third-party payment, we will bill you monthly for your care. Rates are on a per-day basis and are billed accordingly one month in advance. For current rates, please contact the facility and ask for the admissions coordinator, administrator or billing office.


I just wanted to say that from the moment we walked in the door, we felt welcome and like Mike was in the right place now after already being in 3 other places. The staff is always very helpful, supportive, attentive, and friendly. Mike is cleaner than he has been in any other facility he has been in. We have been given Mike back, he is now talking and communicating with us, other facilities had him so sedated he was unable to talk to us. Thanks for everything you have done for our family.
Family Member

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